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What is Xercise Pro?

Xercise Pro coupled with Xercise Presenterâ„¢ is a software package designed to provide fitness services, track the business of personal training and manage the process of point of sale presentation. Xercise Pro was designed by Personal Trainers for providing a professional fitness service.

Every production process has a quality assurance procedure. Every bottle from the green bottle company is green. What about a service industry like the fitness industry, how can we ensure all members/clients are provided with the highest service, consistently.

Trainers/Instructors all have various degrees of education and experience, use completely different exercise terminology and ultimately determine at their discretion what the paying customer receives.

As first impressions count, we need to ensure that each new member receives the highest level of service on a consistent basis, regardless of the Instructor.

Xercise Pro ensures this.

Picture of trainer with client