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Safety is the key to any exercise program. Screening your clients for any pre existing medical conditions or injuries prior to exercise is an obligation.

The information obtained through screening is vital to the process of exercise prescription. Ever thought of marketing your services based on the health related information of your clientele. Enter Xercise Pro.

Picture for stethoscope

By design, the home screen in Xercise Pro is the medical/injury screening questionnaire. The questions contained are based on the current industry standards and allow for quick profiling of your clients current medical and injury history. Information is power. By having a central collection site information can be quicky retrieved, updated and utilised.

You might want to promote a health seminar for combating genetic heart disease. With Xercise Pro you can find all clients with a positve response to this and then create a phone list, mailing list or even a group email. The choice is yours.

Xercise Pro even has warnings on screen to encourage trainers to obtain physician consent when required. A system that helps control liability.